I’m reading about the new diet fad. Eating pureed foods constantly throughout the day in baby food size portions. Apparently Jennifer Anniston is know to use it to keep her as slim as always. The Cheryl Cole chick from X factor wanted to improve her legs and started it.
Think about mushing up squash, parsnips and other fruits and veggies and staying the course. I’m sure they would even be pooping green.
This diet is the discovery of Madonna’s personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, who advocates large amounts of cardio as well as the diet. Check her out, in my opinion she looks about 17 (I’ve yet to find her age). If the diet keeps you that young looking, maybe it’s something to consider. But as I’ve said before, I want real women with real bodies giving me diet advice.
I love the quote from the founder of NutriLife sytems, a well known food planner.
“What’s going to be next — the cat food diet?’ is her opening comment. ‘The reason it’s called baby food is because it’s for babies! They have small stomachs, no teeth and less sophisticated digestive systems than adults, which is why purees are appropriate.
‘I’m an advocate of eating a little and often, but 14 times a day? Ludicrous. By all means, let’s adopt diets that are nutrient-rich and take some of the strain off our digestive systems, as this does, but we really don’t have to pretend to be six months old in order to do that.’
My diabetic aunt is on a raw food- greens diet for the last 40 days. She says “she has a blender that wold puree bricks.” She’s trying to clean herself out, lose some weight, and lower her blood sugar. So far it’s not been working very well but I’ll keep you posted. Picture to follow this week.