I got a revised edition of Gina Ogden’s book "Women who love Sex", and remembered why I love this little tome. What a great thing it is to celebrate Women who want it. Without a slutty lable, well researched, fluid (a little clinical, not so raunchy), but great, great content.

I am a woman who loves sex.  No really, big elaborate surprise I know, but there have been many times in my life when I have apologized for an abundant sexuality.  There have been times when I have felt like a mutant, or that there was something wrong with me that I liked sex that much. This girl’s gotta have it. Just like my libido patients, who feel sad, cry, and feel like there is something they are missing out because they don’t want to have sex with their supportive boyfriends and husbands, I have felt different because I am craving an orgasm yet again. I am not indiscriminate, don’t treat sex casually, but it is a huge part of my creative process. I couldn’t imagine being sexless. It doesn’t have to be intercourse, it doesn’t even have to be with another person, but my sexuality is one of my greatest gifts.  And I am so grateful.  I recently had abdominal surgery and the most important thing for me was that it had absolutely no effect on my sexual response. In many ways I would rather give up my left arm than my innate sexuality. What Gina Ogden’s book illustrates, is that I’m not the only one. I am grateful I am not alone. And like many of the women outlined in her book, I look forward to being a sexy older woman. I can’t wait.

"Sexual pleasure is good. More than good. It is life-enlarging,  particularly as women become more more adept at exploring the vast arena that pleasure is. Sex is a source of energy that radiates beyond this or that randy encounter. Satisfaction leads to personal integration and rewarding relationships of all sorts. To celebrate the erotic, to feel motivated by satisfaction rather than guilt and suffering, is a radical reframe for many women." page 19  Gina

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