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I think women have as great a sexual imagination as men do -and maybe are just as kinky. Hard to know, but we certainly hold our own in the hot thought department. In my "the truth is way stranger than fiction life" I've been helping one female patient through her fantasies that are sexually really, really out there.  A very nice woman, regular job, ordinary relationship, kids, and who wants to engage in "full consumption toilet play" (meaning please pee and defecate all over her), along with having her breasts being stomped on as part of her regular sexual play. hmmm, As the therapist I'm trying to impart important safety tips (like having me caution her about scary play that can leave her with permannety damaged) without making my yikes face about painful thoughts of "that must hurt!!!"… 

 If you do a google search on sexual fantasies, you get mainly male fantasiesloads of women in lingerie, but the truth is that many, many women are thinking naughty thoughts that might leave you blushing.

Nancy Nancy Friday did her graduate research on women's sexual fantasies, and had women send them into her. They were so diverse and fascinating she published a best selling series called "My Secret Garden" and "Forbidden Flowers", and is super racy. I remember reading them on a flight back from Vancouver in my late teens, and I don't think I have ever been as aroused by any erotica before or since. I love hearing about what other women find hot.  I think more women are going through stages of submission, domination, costumed, threesome, and even more kinky fantasies than they ever let out of their over active imaginations. At least they are writing, talking, and communicating about them in greater numbers than ever before. Or, they could have the fantasies like Rosie O'Donnel did in the movie version of Exit to Eden (which I though was a hot version, of a great Anne Rice book), when answered "paint my house" when asked her fantasy in the movie. As I scrub paint off my hands for yet another day, I can certainly relate.

One thought on “Women have wierd sexual fantasies (don't let us fool you)

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