Brain Another monday morning and another book. Today it’s Daniel Amen’s (a psychiatrist and neuroscientist) book called Sex on the Brain.  He starts with a study by Dr. Dean Ornish about a study where ten thousand men were asked one question: "Does your wide show you her love?" (aka sex, for those of us who hate speaking in sexual platitudes) The men who answered no, all died much earlier, and in very significant numbers.

Armen goes on to state emphatically that "withholding physical affection is actually bad for you, and you miss out on its many benefits; and two, it puts your partners health at risk." I think we are just finding out, just how at risk, but all these studies are continually surprising the researcher on how important sex is for your health.

Hey, you can write these studies down on cue cards and leave them on your sweetie’s night table. More on this tomorrow.

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