So it's Valentine's Day. The day when we take a moment out of our hectic lives to say to our sweetie's "You are special, and even with all the chaos surrounding us, I would pick you again." At least that is what I think Valentine's Day is about. Or as your sex therapist, it is the day in the year when you are suppose to to screw like bunnies.  Yeah!

Despite the commercialization of the holiday, I think women want something simple.
My sweetie, world renowned for his homemade "Hallmarks" gave me a card on 8 1/2 by 11 white paper that read:

    Valentines, a special day. My heart is filled with thoughts that say…(something personal and x rated that can't be published here )  But in return you've won my heart, I love every inch, I love every part. You're my chick, all leather and lace, and even with a prickly face. (a comment on my recent waxing endeavor).

I was so moved. Irreverent, homemade poetry will touch me (and most other women I know).  The article published in the National Post said:

"Jenna Walsh, an account executive in Boston, is looking forward to some special treatment this Valentine's Day, but, she's not interested in flowers, champagne or chocolate.

"If I could have anything this year, it would be nothing more than a heartfelt 'thank you,' since it's one of the many things men have difficulty communicating," she says. "I don't think there's any material gift that could show that kind of appreciation or maturity," she adds.

The grim economy has many couples rethinking their priorities, and plenty of women are seeing the holiday as a chance for their lovers to express their true feelings, not just the contents of their wallet. 

In fact, many women want things a partner could easily provide but might never guess.

Lauren Warthan, in Austin, Texas, fantasizes about breakfast tacos served to her in bed.

Along similar lines, Helen Gregory in Brooklyn, N.Y., wants "a kiss and a cup of coffee when I wake up."

So don't panic if you haven't gone out to the store and got something store bought. Take a page from my Valentine. Depreciating, but loving thoughts are way better than roses.

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