Dating ad 
 Mistress wanted. At least that seems to be what my patients are looking for. It's amazing how much time, energy, money and creativity goes into finding someone to get naked and jiggy with. I have a friend who ran one of the largest "alternative" dating sites in the world (www.ashleymadison.com) and he claimed that years of watching guys look for part-time lovers confirmed his opinion that "no man has ever run faster, nor jumped higher than one in quest of an orgasm".  I haven't heard of anything (beyond nice guys fighting with baser instincts) to set me off that assumption. But I don't believe at all that one size fits all.

I have a new theory about the female side to this equation. I have been writing about how women are looking for love (I wrote a "love ad for a 49 year old patient a few weeks ago, and he says he has had over 200 responses). Ask me about my system. I'm making serious headway into a tried and true way for single guys to meet a potential life partner. Unfortunately, for all the men out there looking for some simple action, am making no inroads into how to attract a casual playmate.

That women are horniest at ovulation and just before their periods is a common fact. I think women who give you signals of interest may only do so once a month. Just when you think you understand them…..

More on this, but I have to run and find the article in question. I promise to finisish the thought this week.

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