Given the great weekend we are having in Eastern Ontario, and how I absolutely need to get to the lake and unplug every weekend you almost never find me around town on summer weekends.
Canada is paradise in the summer (except -scratch, scratch) my zillion mosquito bites and with so many lakes there is a mass exodus out of town Friday nights to sit by campfires and skinny dip all weekend long. So what’s a single to do to meet someone if they are out of town all weekend?
Go out Wednesday nights. According to a new research that used the free dating site, most hook up happen Wednesdays- not the typical weekend evenings as previously thought. It turns out that more people are likely to have meaningful dates (either sex, or lasting relationships) on Wednesday than the drunk crowd on Saturday night.
Rudder , the researcher studied “what percentage of singles out on a given evening listed casual sex as a “romantic priority” and what percentage was willing to sleep with someone on a first date. The other two measures were less sex-centric: what percentage described themselves as extroverted and what percentage fancied themselves as adventurous.
When he put all the numbers together, he got a curious result. Weekdays, not weekends, are better for singles on the prowl — and the mix of people out on Wednesday nights are the friskiest. (The least surprising bit of data is that someone’s chances of success increase over the course of an evening.)”
When I looked at my top date suggestions for activities:
1. Intermediate co-ed volleyball
2. Spin dating, meet market, single gourmet or other personal singles activities
3. LCBO or other wine tasting, or “learning activities” Wednesday was a hugely popular night to go out and do things.
So do something this Wednesday night. Take a risk. Go to a singles event alone. You are far more likely to find love if you risk it. Get cleaned up, buy something new that you feel good in and google events happening in your town – on a Wednesday and go for it.