Iphone I continue to be such a geek, and whether it's cool new computers, high tech camping equipment, or the latest in sex toys. As a rule,  gadgets are so much fun to play with. I don't know whether it's they are shiny things, or because they are the latest and greatest bells and whistles, but that (along with lingerie, books and trips south) are the only thing I ever want as presents. My cell phone provider Rogers  has just made a deal with Apple to start selling the iphones which Apple claims are "twice the speed and half the price". They espouse loads of new features but not the one I want.  I actually sent off an email asking if they could seriously ramp up the torque in the vibration ring setting option. Think of how much fun that would be, and how much more money in phone calls the companies would generate. It would start with a sexy song like Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" or "Let's get it on", and then the damn thing would vibrate like there is no tomorrow.  I've got a list of popular songs to have sex to, and I am bust imagining all the fun I can have when my new phone hits the market. Please, give me a call and"let the good times roll".

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