I was having lunch yesterday with two single women in their late 30’s. We were talking about some of the bad first dates we’ve had. Smelly guys, ones that brush your breasts “by accident”, ones that only talk about themselves (or thier ex’s). I had one guy who drank like a fish and made Star Trek references (including touching an imaginary communicator on his shirt). Agh! I think my appendix just burst or how do I crawl through a window in the bathroom.
However my friend had a story that topped mine. She had a good conversation online and he put down a picture of him on the side of a mountain. However when he arrived at the door he failed to mention he was a midget. It just was so awkward. That woman decided to pay for sperm, become artificially inseminated and be a single mother. I’m meeting lots of women who are giving up on meeting nice guys.
I know a bunch of great single guys. And not one of them are dating online. Hmmmm. As much as I have recommended online dating I’m beginning to question how much more challenging the landscape was than five years ago.
I’ve come up with some thoughts.
1. Join a group your passionate about. Be around passionate people. Politics, sae the whales, PETA etc.
2. Go out to the single gourmet, meet market and speed dating events in your neighbourhood.
3. Practice the art of eye contact and smiling. You’ll be astounded at how it encourags men to speak to you.
4. Get a business card with your picture, anonymous email address and one line about you. Less that $20 a hundred at vistaprint.com
5. This is the time to be elegantly sexy. Push up bra, highlights in the hair, great new lipstick (men look at lips first). It’s time for a makeover. Same old and non-flirty clothes need to be put on the back shelves during the dating adventures.

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