Exercise1 I’m back exercising everyday after a winter of slothfulness. The 6:30 slog to the Y to be greeted Norm-like (where everyone knows your name) and yawning and stretching clamor onto the weight machines. I alternate between doing my arm and legs to give each set a day of rest before I crawl onto the cardio machine for the treadmill shuffle. I’ve been noticing a change in recent days – like this morning- when I’m doing my seated leg curls. You know the exercise, where you clench your bum muscles and press the bar under your knees back and forth. I’m finding that I don’t want to get off of it. In fact I’m almost getting OFF on it, if you catch my drift.

I was explaining to a patient recently about the endorphins rush at point of orgasm and how it makes us feel good. Certain foods (high in sugar and caffeine like chocolate) also give you that rush, and apparently so does exercise. I have never felt it before, but I got to tell you, I’m feeling pretty tingly doing those leg weights. I don’t know if it is a function of getting more sex (yup, we are still on track for the 300 times this year), that I may be getting fitter, or my body has figured out a way to move in such a way that I am getting rewarded.  I’m certainly not complaining, but just when you think you’ve got your body figured out you go and do something new and cool.Exercise like an exercise "tingle". Makes me look forward to the inner thigh presses I’ve got lined up tomorrow. smile. 

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