Menlaugh  When you ask women about the top things they find sexy in a man, and you get a bunch of different answers.  Things like great ass, smile, hands, attentive, good father, well dressed etc. But almost everyone of those women list a sense of humour in the top three. I think having wit, and being able to see humour in things is essential for me to get in the mood.  You make me laugh, and you can have your way with me. Sex is funny. Being funny is sexy. And if you can’t make me laugh, or at least laugh at things I find funny, you are going to leave me cold.

I love stand up comedy. You take men that most women wouldn’t find attractive in another setting, and have them get on stage making the audience laugh, and you have to fight the women off. I watched the groupies flirt with the comics after the show, and know that all this guy has to do is ask for the close, and the girl is his. Women are attracted to confidence, men who stand out, and ones who make us laugh. Humour is like a great lubricant.  It ease the passage, makes a good experience great, and smooths over the bumps. I also learn alot watching a man laugh.  It can tell you just how twisted they are (a good quality in my estimation), and they let their guard down.  You see the real person and break down barriers faster than anything but adventure camping.

So comedy nights rank right up there as my favourite date activities.  Get your guy laughing and good things happen. grin.

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