Smokey_light It’s November 1st in Canada, and instead of digging out from the first snowfall of the year, I saw someone in shorts yesterday.  Almost hit 18 degrees for a very civilized Halloween. Maybe there is something to this global warming thing. Time to watch the Al Gore documentary again.

Anyway, I’m in the park, sequestered behind some bushes yesterday and had what my sweetie called was "a Snow White moment", when all the birds and squirrels start to gather around us. What is it about being close to nature that makes me want to take my clothes off and celebrate a mother earth moment with hot, sweaty, sticky sex in a semi-public place? Not with seven dwarf (I’m not that twisted), and I didn’t give into the urge, (I have in the past when I wasn’t so bloody virtuous). But I certainlyfelt like it. It struck me as a Monty Python moment. Frolicking naked hiding behind a tree from the flock of Japanese tourists a la John Cleese. I’ve never been arrested for being lewd in public but the urge is there. Kind of like wanting to pull the fire alarm just to cause mischief. But in this case I can picture the whole thing.  Pine needles stuck to my back, grass in my hair, and trying to muffle my moans so I wouldn’t attract seniors out for a mid day stroll.  For a variety of reasons it wasn’t the time or place. I wonder if that I didn’t initiate anyway is a reflection on my increased maturity that I didn’t act on it. Probably not. And on that note, I think I’ll check what the weather will be like today?

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