You may not know this but it is completely legal to visit a hooker in Canada. This past summer the Ontario Court of Appeals threw out the prostitution law as unconstitutional. The Government is scrambling to come up with a new one but in the meantime, police chiefs across the country have said they won’t arrest for solicitation.
What does that mean for couples? It means that the number of rub-in-tugs (happy ending massage parlours) have quadrupled in the last number of years. I can count 10 wihtin a 5 minute drive of my office. The used to be stigma, fear of arrest, and safety issues visiting these places. Not anymore. There is a new “high end private gentlemen’s club that has bedrooms on site” that has just opened up in my neighbourhood. More housewives are entertaining businessmen in the afternoon. As a therapist more and more of the men who came to see me for counselling related to no sex at hme, are no simply payinga small amount to get their symptoms relieved. Now I’m seeing the wives of these men telling me their partners are having affairs.
Sex hasn’t changed. The urge for newness for men hasn’t gone away. What has changed is the price and accessibility of inconsequential sex, and the ease in finding a willing woman to have an affair with off the internet. Adult friend finder and Ashley Madison is full of men looking to hook up with atahed partners. I’m seeing the truth in my office. It’s a bit of a wild world out there. And I think it will get more colourful as time goes on.