Well when was it? Remember when you were first dating? And you had sex ALL OF THE TIME!
You would both go at each other like animals in heat—in the office, in an elevator, in a hot tub, in the car, or anywhere the urge hit you. Being sporadic creates an exhilarating moment!
A new study from my friend Cathy Munroe at The University of Toronto suggests that sex outside of the bedroom is one of the key components in keeping it hot. Try renting a sleezy motel for the afternoon. I like sex in the outdoor shower we have at our cottag. It’s private, romantic, masks the sounds, and keeps you clean doing it. Finding a place to get frisky will send a big signal to your mate “that you still find them attractive.”
I like the scene from the movie Four Christmases where Vince Vaghn and Reece Whitherspoon pretend they don’t know each other and then have hot, amazing sex in the bathroom. Do you know anyone having that kind of sex more than a year into a long term relationship?