Online dating continues to be take in a huge market with more and more sites coming online. So what’s new?

1. I know lots of local charities that are re-visiting the old bachelor auctions and asking people to bid on a first date. Great idea to raise money in your community- and to meet new, successful people you wouldn’t have otherwise.
2. The new booty call or hook up sites. out of Toronto is my personal favourite, but I also had to laugh out loud at the title of It’s more about skipping the long build up and getting right to sex. The British casual sex counterpart is even called
3. Nerd and Geek dating is always a fun place to go to read online ads. Followed by the gossipy which make snarky comments about peoples profiles. Finally there is a site that dates based only on penis and breast size. Seriously! People who browse there for dates truly deserve each other.