Shower This month’s Oprah magazine that I was reading at the spa today (when the going gets tough, the tough go to the spa-that’s my motto), anyway, while I was getting a pedicure, I read the article about The sexiest real men in the US. They had an articulate discussion of what women find sexy (kind of my own, small, informal, focus group).  I read aloud the magazine article and asked the women sitting around in various stages of pampering what they found sexy. The group of very attractive stylists,  all claimed to like confident and strong men.  The older eclectic group of patrons said they preferred sensitive, smart guys with great butts. Veryhappyguy

In my experience doing the dating events, I found that women want smart, funny, safe, kind, slightly self depreciating, charming (boyish or otherwise), great hygeine, charisma, self awareness, smells nice, knows about foreplay, likes sex but isn’t obsessed by it (porn addicts need not apply), focused and attentive, did I mention foreplay?  And finally interested and genuinely like women.

If you are a guy trying to market to women, funny and attentive will win over cocky and washboard abs – for thinking women anyway. 

As for me, I find brains, charm  and humour exceeding sexy – and as a sex therapist I like my men randy. Bill_clinton Hmmm, kind of like Bill…or Anderson Cooper. Anderson_cooper

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