Reunited1  I was waiting for my Dad last week at the arrivals gate at the airport. He was flying back from Europe and I had to stand outside the international arrivals for a good hour while he made his way through customs. I think everyone should people watch at the airport regularly. I left thinking about the people I saw there, not knowing more about them but what their body language told, but the connections have resonated with me all week.

I had forgotten how moving reunions could be. There were little kids with homemade signs and balloons, and families of all sizes and descriptions hugging and jumping around in the middle of the concourse. A couple of reunions were particularly noteworthy. One was a very elderly woman being pushed in a wheelchair out of the gate by the flight attendant. A young couple with a brand new baby was waiting for her. The young woman hugged her hard and reached down and gave her the baby to hold, telling her "to meet her new great-grandchild". The elderly woman, and then the young woman started to cry. I saw a look of absolute joy on the older woman's face with tears running down her wrinkled cheeks as she looked down on the very new baby.

The other, was a tall man in his early 20's with a backpack who only had eyes for the short brunette who raced through the crowd to find him. They stood, oblivious to everything around them holding each other. They were so into each other that I had to gentle mentioned that they were about to be run over by a guy pushing a stack of luggage carts. She never let go of his hand, and she was so in love that she glowed. Those kind of demonstrations of love are a gift to everyone else around them. Well worth the $15 in parking fees.,

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