I have been writing about the “princess phenomenon” after reading the book Cinderella Ate my Daughter by Peggy Orenstein. You know what I’m talking about. The girlie-girl, Disney princess every little girl in sparkles who wants to find her handsome King-in-waiting. Well with Kate and William in town this week it turns out that it was more than the little girls who were obsessed. The radio station where I had my Love and Lipstick show targets 40 year old women (my peer group), and everyone was abuzz. People (especially women) flocked to see the couple and comment on Kate’s fabulous wardrobe. Gracious, beautiful and on her honeymoon, Kate is the girl from the “self-made middle class family who landed a prince.” Much of it because of how she looked as a runway model. She turned out to be discreet, able to carry herself well, and be genuinely in love with her new husband. How lovely.
As a couple they also get it. They made a recent unexpected visit to Slave Lake Alberta to see a town in the middle of know where wiped essentially off the map by flire. Sweet, authentic and what a way to endear themselves to the oil-rich people of Western Canada. Smart, authentic and with a hell of a PR team.
So we continue our fascination with the Royals- especially these photogenic youngsters. I am trying to encourage my own beautiful daughter to dream big- but of things bigger than royal husbands and sparkly shoes (although there is NOTHING wrong with sparkly shoes, smile). She was happy to see the new Duchess of Cornwall, but was more interested in cutting up some old clothes to make a new designer outfit and bag to carry around Nibbles her pet rat in. Out with Princes, in with Judy Moody- adventure girl. Her mother breathes a sigh of relief. We can enjoy the fairy tale but know that it is strong girls that grow up into kind, gracious daughter. Who might just happen on a prince staying at the dorm next to them.