March 18, 2006

I had a conversation last night with a friend, and like most female conversations it didn’t take too long before it turned to kids, sex, and men. (the other popular topics include birthing stories, chocolate, spirituality and shoes…).  Anyway, she was telling me how her now teenage stepson is spending all of his time in the bathroom and using up all of the hot water.  I told her that it was normal and teenage boys masturbate at least once a day, usually in the shower.  She was floored that she hadn’t realized that was what he was doing, and no wonder her hot water bills were so high.

Isn’t that what all guys do in the shower?  I talk to people about sex all day long, every day and men masturbate regularly, and yes, especially in the shower.  The good news is that it’s good for you.  When I started as a sex therapist I used to espouse that sex felt good, was critical for your relationship, but now I tell people, it’s imperative for your health.  It’s at least as good for you as exercise (those 350-500 calorie boff’s), and forget an apple a day, it’s an orgasm a day.  For guys it keeps the pipes clean, scoures out the prostate and keeps your sperm fresh and your blood pressure healthy.  For women who masturbate, it keeps the vagina clean and just like a sneeze cleans out the sinus cavity, an orgasm cleans the snatch out of all those viruses, bacteria, and old sperm remnants. Women who give into the urge to play with themselves are 80% less likely to get a vaginal infection.  80%!!!!! Why aren’t there bus ads telling women this?  It’s like the girls who sit in the hot tub, (3rd spigot on the left shoots just the right way….), men in the shower are just emptying out the junk.  Even if it does increase the hydro bill.


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