I’ve been writing a section on the best most sensuous foods. I’m reading all the healthy supplement rich foods for increasing your libido. But I’m also looking at foods that make you feel good and enhance your senses.
These ones firmly fall into the apres-Valentine’s day super rich treats. No nutritional value at all. Unbelievably wonderful taste explosion for your mouth.
1/2 bag of broken cookies
1/2 cup of melted buter
1 can of eagle brand sweetened condensed milk
1/2 bag of coconut
hndful of chocolate chips
handful of butterscotch chips
15 cup up cherries
Melt the butter. Use a rolling pin (or other smushing object) to crush up the bag of cookies. Oreo, choc chip, shortbread all work well. You can go with a graham cracker crust but that’s for boring people.
Smush it all together until you have a base.
Pour over the can of sweetend condensed milk. Liberally add the cherries, nuts, chips and whatever goodies you find in your cupboard. Bake at 350 degrees until golden (35 minutes approx). Cut, serve and feel your calorie load go up as your mouth does a happy dance. They are always the first things stolen off the plate at social functions. They freeze beautifully and a littl go a long way.