So Vitamin D is even more important than previously believed. It’s now being re-classified as a pro-hormone as well as a vitamin. The sunshine vitamin has been proved essential in two studies this week. The first, as an increased risk for multiple sclerosis published in the journal Neurology.
“Low vitamin D levels are a risk factor for developing multiple sclerosis.”
The second, as a way to increase sperm motility. Significantly get your boys swimming to the finish line. So if you are trying to get pregnant, a bump up in Vitamin D is critical. As I wrote in a previous article, the poll I conducted among the group of 40 women doctors at a recent dinner suggested that the MINIMUM one should get is 2000 mg a day. More if you suffer from depression, low sex drive, in the cloudy months of the year, and if you are trying to lose weight. Up to 4000 mg a day. Now you can add trying to become a Dad to the list of why it’s so important to take.
‘A new finding says that the sperm can make the most rapid movement in men who had vitamin D levels are high. Research conducted on 300 healthy men was recently published in the journal Human Reproduction.
Of course, this finding give new hope to those who have infertility problems.
The researchers also found that these benefits can be obtained by exposing sperm to the activated vitamin D. The sun usually plays a role in activate vitamin D in our skin.”