Being only first generation Canadian of Scottish parents, I have celebrated my share of Robbie Burns days. Think haggis, scotch, cold mutton and other Scottish culinary delights. It may have been on one of those days that I first discovered that a true Scotsman doesn't wear anything under his kilt. Smile. So in keeping with my ancestry of rutting in a dark cave somewhere, I encourage you to think about Liam Neeson (the guy with the biggest equipment in Hollywood) in Rob Royor Mel Gibson in Braveheart and find some Scottish inside of you today.

Bubble wrap
I also found out that it was the 50th birthday of bubble wrap. That great packing material  you always wanted to pop when you were a kid. As I work on my new list of erotic ideas (you know, crazy suggestions for keeping it hot in the bedroom), I think there has to be one that includes both some kind of Scottish apparel and bubble wrap. Not necessarily together, but imagine the possibilities. I wonder if they make plastic in a tartan pattern….

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