Menstruation3 So there is a new little pill that will will revolutionize your sex life, and change humanity forever. No, it’s not Viagra, it’s a new female birth control pill called Anya (like the singer) that will forever relegate your monthly curse to be nothing but a distant memory. Imagine, no more tampons, no more missed sexual opportunities, crotchless panties all the time, no more dry cleaning bills, cramping, leaking ect. Are you willing to give up the curse forever? 

Ask women whether they want to give up their periods, and you get many different answers (maybe depending on the time of month).  Instead of being tied to a lunar cycle, this new pill and the Seasonale one (which gives you 4 periods a year), can change your hormones so as not to be inconvenienced.  The downside is that they doMenstruation2n’t know the long term problems with eliminating your periods. I was told by one of the best endocrinologists in the country that it is a spectacularly bad idea. My training made it clear that if you didn’t at least occasionally bleed and clean out your uterus, you could develop polups and other nasties. Being on a pill continuously can also increase the toxicity levels in your body, and it’s really a fake bleed (or withdrawl bleed) anyway.

I wouldn’t go on it, but as I finish up my inconvienient monthly visitor, I certainly understand the appeal for women who choose to do it.

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