The thing about being a sex therapist is that people pull you aside at parties to ask you advice. If its a quick question, I’m happy to help. Well usually. It’s the guys who see me in the grocery store that want to shoe me the sores that have broken out after last week’s romp with Darla the Carny that are off putting.
But what’s happened of late is family members have pulled me aside asking my professional opinion. I come by my sex drive honestly. I remember my late grandfather implying his virility was without question almost to his deathbed. How much was bravado, I don’t know, but I have a large group of extended relatives, many of whom are men over 60, who claim to be studley. So when one of them mentioned the symptoms of andropause (and he shall remain nameless), I took notice. Mainly feeling a loss of sexual interest where they were all piss and vinegar before, and just didn’t feel the urge, desire or interest. I know I’ve been talking about libido in women, but healthy men can stay active very late in life, IF they stay active. Use it or lose it. And with all apologies to my gaggle of male relatives, I thought the question and solution was relevant enough to warrant a published solution.
What has to happen to get your Mojo back if it’s lessening, is an increase in dopamine FH and LH hormones, and an increase in testosterone. Long term effects of testosterone on the prostate aren’t known, and I am wary of all but a low dose cream testosterone as there hasn’t been the long term studies about its effects on the prostate.
So what’s a guy to do if the spring has left his step?
Besides what I recommend for women, lots of Omega 3, zinc, and dark chocolate, I’m also a big fan of the herbal estrogen blockers, and FH LH boosters. My favourite of all these products is one called Thrust. A bottle of Thrust will set you back close to $70, but everyone I’ve put on it from 21 to 80 has sung it’s praises, and continues to use it. Anything that blocks estrogen in men, has the added benefit of increasing your testosterone. An interesting combination, and in many ways a true aphrodisiac.

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