I’ve been reading a few books on weight as part of my new change-the-tape-in-my-head weight loss regime. The first is the Rebel Diet by Dr. Melissa Hersherg. She has some great suggestions of foods (no just obscure ones in health food stores) and offers a great understanding of why too much weight is bad for your blood stream.
“When we gain too much weight, we overwhelm our fat cells. Because we have a relatively stable number of fat cells, we simply store more and more in each cell, until pop-the contents spill into our blood stream and pollute it. Fat cell contents include hormones,triglycerides, ad toxins and when they spill, they cause all sorts of problems. Things like an increased estrogen level (causing a greater risk for cancer and man boobs), heart disease problems and general inflammation.
It’s really important to understand that your body doesn’t make more fat cells. They stay around and just become bigger (unless you have liposuction). In Brad King’s book called Fat Wars, he talks about how Human Growth Hormone impacts fat cells.
HGH is built up when we get enough sleep and when we do weight or resistance training. HGH only hangs around for a few minutes after it`s pumped into our bloodstream. The HGH goes to the fat cells where it latches onto specific growth hormone receptors , activating the release of stored energy from fat.
This is one of the key reasons we need to get enough sleep.
I`ve been reading and writing and putting together an understanding of what are the rules for our new 180 day challenge. Follow this blog as we re-sculpt our bodies together. More to come….