IMrs_robinson Diane  have a number of girlfriends who have recently hooked up with much younger men. Hot, sexually open, and much younger.  In the online dating world, the Mrs. Robinson comments abound as young men intheir early and mid 20’s actively pursue 40 year old women. I  asked one of them what was the appeal was in someone who could arguably be old enough to have parented you. He said, "I don’t know a man who doesn’t fantasize about having sex with a hot, sexually experienced, older woman." I find it more than a tad offputting as I have nephews that old, but isn’t age just a number? I think given all the reading I’m doing on female led relationships (,  a strong women with a younger man makes sense. It wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if the man was 20 years older than the women, then the reverse should be the same.  Except that older women chasing younger men are called cougars – and there is a whole subculture that has popped up to deal  with them. Have a look at, and you can’t tell me that there isn’t a double standard. Meow.Cougar

PS. to Mirage in Istanbul – you lucky dog, she’s one in a million.

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