I get all the cool sex toy catalogues from the manufacturers and I’m overwhelmed. Go to some of the "marital aids" websites, and be prepared for every color, size and pictures (usually penetrating some orfice). Now I’m about as far away from a prude as you can get, but I find graphic pictures when all I really want is information, somewhat assaultive.  I still use my old Phillips beauty set that I got as a Christmas present as a teen as my #1 toy and the damn thing is over 20 years old!  New isn’t necessarily better, it’s what works for you.  I like the plug in’s (because I HATE being out of batteries when I want to play), but there are some good ones to know about of late.  Catch my earlier blog about why it’s essential for women to get a toy and mastrbate.

1. Pain, stress relief, lowers blood pressure, improves the pelvic floor muscles and a host of other general health benefits. 2.If you can’t play with your own equipment, you shouldn’t be playing with anyone elses. Besides, how are you going to show someone what you like, if you don’t know? 3. Women who touch themselves when they feel the urge are 85-90% less likely to get a vaginal/yeast/genital infection.  Yup, you read that right.  Just like sneezing clears your sinus cavity, orgasms flush out old sprem cells, bacteria, viruses and other nasties lurking in your twat. Climax, and they are washed away with the tidal wave.  If you don’t believe me, read Robin Baker’s book Sperm Wars, the best researched book on evolutionary biology I’ve found

So, just for the record, here are some of my favourite toys, with brief descriptions on  how you shoud use them….

Great finger vibe FK 9000 This was the “sex toy of the year” in 2003, and have been going through evolutions ever since. Small, quite, with this cool pouch (complete with belt loop!!!!) so you can pretend it’s a cell phone for those emergency work days. Possibly the world’s smallest vibrator (actually it isn’t, but you could say “possibly”). It fits on your finger and provides an amazing tease.  These finger mounted sex toys have an incredible 9000 vibrations per minute. Yeah!. It is entirely wireless and little clips to hold it securely on your finger. It also comes with extra batteries. Great for external clitoral or prostate (P spot) stimulation. The only downside to these toys is that these little batteries, while great for specific stimulation, making it small and convenient, don’t pack the serious power of some of the bigger toys. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll get off, but if you are the give-me-the-power-turn-it-up-to-11 kind of person these little sweeties may not have the torque you need.

The Amazing, Stupendous Rabbit Immortalized forever on Sex in the City, (this is the one that Charlotte bought and then stopped leaving the house, and Miranda and Carey had to do a Rabbit intervention after finding her disheveled and completely satisfied), This is a great, wonderful, must-have, incredible toy that you buy for yourself or for any woman in your life, -think bridal shower, sister’s birthday, grumpy boss, whomever…. Lot’s of guys claim to be jealous that they can’t move like that. I say that it means less work for the guys, and if you’re a smart guy, you get her close with the Rabbit , and then come in for the finish and end up a hero. Besides what else are we to do during hunting season, the World Series, and business trips??? These vibrators have a penis head and a bulge in the middle with Wiggly moving parts. More to come on tomorrow’s blog

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