School September always seems like the beginning of the year. Forget January, it’s all about those new backpacks, and start of the school year that has me thinking of rolling around in leaves and tight Levi’s. Big sweaters and football games, is there anything that brings back the thought of hot sex, then the smell of autumn?  Maybe you didn’t get your share of parking during University, but hell I majored in sex research, and if you can’t get laid on campus…

The truth is that although I did get some, I went through some of that awkward acne, braces, self conscious stuff just like everybody else.  Don’t you wish you had a school where you learned about sex, interacting with potential lovers, and how to be the lover you always wanted to be?  I would have happily racked up the student loan for that kind of education.  I don’t know if it is an urban myth, but apparently there are a few schools around the world that train you in epert sex techniques 101. The one I heard about is in Washington DC, where for an outrageous amount of money, you check into this exclusive B & B, and attractive, expert partners are sent in to teach you the best sex skills.  For guys, it’s about learning control (apparently you are only allowed one orgasm a day, but are stimulated constantly), and for women, it’s all about the best techniques.

I wonder what it would be like if Jack Black starred in that movie…. School_of_rock

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