I was re-living the 80’s the other day.  "I wanna new Drug" the Huey Lewis song, Huey about finding the perfect drug that would instantly make you  feel perfect.  Well I want the perfect sex drug or toy.  Don’t get me wrong, there are alot of great sex toys, (my favourite is still my 30 year old Phillips) but I want the instant-take-a-pill and have an sensational orgasm kind of orgasm in a jar. Batteries may or may not be included.

So many women I see in my practice are still struggling to reach an orgasm.  Two of my closest girlfriends (despite being very sexually active), both don’t ever climax.  Feel good, yes, orgasm no.

How can we fix such an injustice?  I thought the solution was a Willy Wonka type orgasm pill. I had high hopes for that anti-depressant that had you reaching orgasms when you sneezed (and hey, if the technology and bio chemistry can do it once, you should be able to replicate it in the perfect drug).

I want a grant to research that. The sex drug, I can see the marketing now. I won’t give you the munchies, and you don’t even need a partner.  Now that’s medication that could save the world.

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