As I try to anti-spyware my computer, the intrusive, uninvited, assaultive stuff that sneaks on your system and pops up with penis enlargement spam, I am thinking that in many ways spywear is like a date with a creepy guy.  Pushy, smells badly, and keeps trying to get in your pants.

Some women view porn the same way.  In discussions with some women friends yesterday, it was interesting to see their acceptance or complete rejection of "adult material" (the PC term) fell completely along age lines.  Under the age of 30, the women thought it was almost hip, sexy, and something they used in the bedroom to spice things up. Over 30 it was like the Erica Jong quote " that after watching porn for five minutes you wanted to have sex, after watching it for 30 minutes, you never wanted to have sex again."

It’s amazing to me how quickly sex is changing.  It never ceases to fascinate me, and I still think being a sex therapist is the coolest job in the world.  I don’t know where I was going with this, but as I muse on porn, the evil of computer viruses – (and it was probably my little brother downloading porn onto my computer when he stayed with me between apartments, that brought into the viruses in the first place), and how many keyboards must glow blue like those CSI episodes with "biological fluid".  ooo

Still feeling the love,


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