I'm a big fan of the connectedness of online dating.
 Better than a bar for meeting someone
 (at least you know they can spell),
 and where else can 100,000 potential
 candidates view your profile. 
The world really is your oyster, and
 there is someone out there for everyone - 
no matter how specific. You can write a profile
 that will attract exactly the kind of person
 you are looking for,in fact the more specific the better.
 Given those kinds of numbers,
 being specific helps weed through the massive number
 of potential hook ups.
 I have few girlfriends who have had out-of-the-park type
 success with men online. 
The first is having the romance of the century with a man close
 to two decades younger halfway
 around the world. She leaves tomorrow for Turkey and may come
 home having never met him, and may come home with the promise of something permanent.
The second, met less than a month ago and have already fallen in love.
 He's 65 and she's a young
 Franco-Ontario grandmother who has found the love of her life
 with an African American scientist
 and are already exploring co-habitating.

What all these stories seem to have in common,
 is speed, and intensity of the bonding.
 They have all told me that it "clicked", and feels so
 right despite distance and obstacles.
 Maybe when you do finally connect with the right fish among
 the tens of thousands out there,
 it really does take much of the guesswork out of
 what happens next.
 I expect to be giving away a bunch of love baskets to happy women
 this summer. Happy endings...?
 I'll keep you posted.

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