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The grocery in my neighbourhood always gives you you the local tabloid free if you are shopping on Sundays. Blaik reads it for the hockey scores, and one of us will end up reading the hooker ads in the back pages aloud for entertainment. Sometimes the marketing in the sex trade business is really clever. Anyway, one of the professional girls in my city (www.sexymissvivianna.com) had all these acronyms about the kinds of services she offered. A few I knew, and the rest I had to look up in the urban dictionary. The urbandictionary.com is a great source if you happen to be unclear about sexual comments, and want to be in the know without having to look dumb by asking.  It was quite informative. Just for fun, I have written the acronyms below and instead of doing suduko today, try coming up with the sex slang meanings as an option for brain gymnastics.

Oh, and Miss Vivianna's regular rate is $300 an hour, which goes up to $7,000 for a weekend (in case you were curious about the going rate). All this at age 20 without an education.

She offers the following services (see if you can guess the meanings):

GFE, PSE, bbbjtc, cbj, daty, dfk, msog, russian, pearls, and digits among other things.

Did you guess?

GFE is the "girlfriend experience", where she acts like she may really be into you. PSE is defined by urbandictionary.com as "porn star experience". Think multiple positions, long nails, lots of over the top moaning. bbbjtc is "bare back blow job to completion". Bare back means no condoms are used. I'm sure you get what "to completeion means". cbj is a covered (latex included) blow job. daty means "dining at the Y". Apparently that is an old expression meaning cunnilingus (that one I had to look up). dfk means "deep french kissing". msog (had me laughing out loud as I heard the sports commentator say the phrase during the Olympic hockey game), means "multiple shots on goal". More than one ejaculation….russian as defined by the urban dictiionary as "sex in which a man places his penis between a woman's breasts and jerks himself off with them". pearls are another expression for "the money shot" or "pearl necklace" where a man ejaculates on the face or neck of the woman. Finally digits are "manual stimulation of the anus". Who knew?  You can tell your co-workers you were busy improving your vocabulary…

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