Fertile I didn't see any fairies this solstice despite my best efforts. At least not the kind that flies about on their own wings…. The summer solstice – or the longest day of the year, is traditionally the time of fertility rites, and the time that magic abound in the world and the "little people" make thier appearance.

More to the point, it is the time that you might be the most fertile (probably in conjunction to the spring foods I just wrote about), but if you are trying to get knocked up, this is a good time of year to spend some time on your back under the new summer sun.

Here's the thinking….

Many sacred sites were designed with the summer solstice in mind. Stonehenge on Wiltshire has an entranceway aligned with the solstice sunrise and is a popular gathering point for modern druids and others on midsummer's day.

The ancient sacred sex societies celebrated the Summer Solstice as the peak of summer, marking the day when the sun reaches its zenith — the longest day of the year. Many honored the day with a sacred sex ritual to celebrate the revolving swing of nature.

Sacred sex, like the seasons, moves in cycles. Each season represents a different value of fullness of the wave of sacred sex ecstasy. Summer represents the fullness of sacred sex ecstasy. It is the peak moment of sacred orgasm. The Society for Sacred Sexuality celebrates this full Sacred Union with its annual event.

Solstice Day, the time when the sun is in transition between its northerly & southerly course in the sky, is an ideal day for sacred sex practice. This time of transition in nature is highly conducive to transitioning out of everyday awareness and into the state of Sacred Sexual Union.

Solstice Day is also a day of perfect balance, when the sun peaks at its zenith in the sky, and seemingly pauses before returning on its lesser rise. This makes Solstice Day ideal for enjoying the balanced state of Sacred Sex Union.

The event will be held each year on the day of the Summer Solstice (typically June 21st). If the solstice falls on June 20 in any given year, the celebration and ritual will continue for two days, through June 21. The exact solstice time will be posted in this Forum Message each year.

(Note the June date is for the Northern hemisphere; Summer Solstice for the Southern hemisphere is on or near December 21. Residents of each hemisphere are invited to participate in the appropriate celebration for their region.) Because seasonal rituals fall on the same day, yet have opposite values (i.e. Summer Solstice in the north is the same day as Winter Solstice in the south), our worldwide sacred sex ritual creates a perfectly balanced global effect.

To maximize participation & convenience, and also to create a truly global event, we invite everyone to join the annual ritual from the privacy of their own home. With membership from countries throughout the world, the Society for Sacred Sexuality has a unique opportunity to deeply infuse love & light in global consciousness.

You can participate in the event alone or with a lover by creating a personal sacred sex ritual according to your own desire, using the lessons in the Sacred Sex Lesson Forum, or your own sacred sex practice. During your ritual, lose yourself in your sacred sex wave and feel the fullness of its ecstasy. To add to the effect, enjoy your ritual in some elevated place — atop an altar, in an attic bedroom, raised on bed pillows, or even on an outside hilltop or mountain. This adds to the sense of 'peak' experience.

One thought on “The summer solstice, and the time of year to make babies (or at least practice at it)

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