I have friends who are totally into the Black Friday shopping experience. The idea of fighting for parking spots at outlet malls, and waiting in line at Target may be some people’s idea of fun, but it isn’t mine. But it does remind us that even without snow on the ground, it is time for my third annual list of sexy holiday gift ideas. Some of the gifts you can buy locally, some you need to do some power online shopping (so get on it before the rush hits), and some just require some effort and almost no money. I know it doesn’t feel like Christmas (I am still looking at the Halloween sales for next year’s costume) but if doing something intimate for your sweetie is a priority, you may want to start thinking about some of this year’s items. Either way, have a great holiday and you can expect to hear from me in January. Smiles, Sue So what do you get a partner this holiday that says, “you are the sexiest person I know but it elegant, upmarket and makes them bite their lip and smile knowingly? I collect a list of things I covet throughout the year and put them all here. Hint Hint.
1. Faux bearskin rugs. If your fantasy is to frolic naked in front of the fireplace then these rugs are the accutraments you need. Under $50 and you can even get the fetching zebraskin model. Go to
2. Music for Lovers. The Sarah Vaughn collection is entitled exactly that, “music for lovers”. I also like the Seal Soul collection (he has a new one out), or the John Legend CD. A fabulous soundtrack for romantic days in bed.
3. Cashmere Throws. Nothing says, warmth, intimacy and romance like cashmere. One of my favourite things are my cashmere gloves. But Amazon has some great buys on cashmere throws
4. Boudoir Photograph. – I think every woman needs a sexy photograph of herself. And given that men are so visual, it is the most titillating and sensuous of presents. I am hosting a women’s boudoire day on Dec. 1st. Space is limited, and we are doing make up, wine and munchies and and a great photograph in the outfit of your choice for $50. See below for details.
5. Ipod powered Vibrator. If you have a hip, music lover for a partner then have a look at the music-powered vibe. All the rage this year, you can sometimes find them at the local adult store or order it in the colour of your choice at
6. Silk stockings. It still stops most men in their tracks. Classic stockings and garters are by far the most common sexual fetish. I get mine form the European lingerie line that has taken the world by storm over the last three year. Quick shipping to North America. I dare you just to buy the one item off their website.
7. Chocolate covered Strawberries and a breakfast tray. I was in Westboro this week and the Kitchenalia on Richmond Road had amazing breakfast in bed trays. They are easy to make too if you are on a budget and can dip your own strawberries. Otherwise, go a few stores down and get the strawberries from Truffle Treasures, the yummiest local confectioner.
8.Movies to Boff to. Everyone needs an erotic movie collection. It needs to be more than just porn. But if you want porn, I like the Pirates series, just about anything from Candida Royale, Andrew Blake, or anything that’s won an AVN Award. Those are always the big budget movies with a storyline. But for curling up (on the new bearskin rug) I like some of the oldies. Exit to Eden (with Dan Akroyd and Rosie O’Donnell) has Dana Delaney in one of the hottest sex scenes I’ve ever seen. There is a new movie called Secretary that’s pretty racy. I like Bull Durham with Susan Sarandon, and Body Heat with Kathleen Turner. Finally Out of Sight with George Clooney feeds my wicked fantasies about George and I.
9. The Sham-Wow flogger. I’m not kidding – a full flogger made out of those car shammies. A girlfriend of mine has one and I’ve been wanting one since I first saw it in June. They are soft, but will still give you the feeling and sound of flogging-only without the pain. The deerskin ones come close, but the shammy ones are absorbent, and don’t hold odor. Very fun. These are hand made and you can’t find them online ( and I looked). The only place that seems to carry them are Wicked Wanda’s on Bank Street.
10. Avatar Flesh Light. The Fleshlight has now been round for a dozen years and it’s considered the Cadillac of men’s sex toys. It looks like something you can hide in your toolkit and is considered top of the line when it comes to sensation. Now they have designed one called The Alien Fleshlight”. It’s blue and the marketing is a la Avatar sex. A little cheesy for sure, but the reviews I hear say it may be a fun-but-useful gag gift in your partners stocking this year.
11. Incognito Drop necklace. It looks like an elegant silver or gold pendant, but it opens up to vibrating nipple clamps. How cool is that? The price ranges from $109 to $134 and its available at
12. The last item is a toss up. There are these beautiful Jimmy Jane blindfolds (either on line or I’ve seen them at Tuesday’s the Romance Store on Wellington at Holland). I also like the silk scarf tie ups you can get there as well. Or the burlesque lessons from Capital Tease and Rockalilly burlesque. Either way there are so many fun, sexy and intimate items that should be under your lovers Christmas tree this year. It’s time to get shopping while the selection is still good. Smiles, Sue