Men and multiple orgasms – there are ways to experience it.

Men have long been jealous of the way women can have one orgasm after another (thank you, thank you very much!). The reality is that men can experience multiple orgasms provided they do some advance work on tightening and strengthening thier PC muscles. Those are the muscles that lie under the pelvis that control ejaculation. The truth is that ejacualtion and the sensation of orgasm come almost silmultaneously in men, but hey are seperate functions. If men can learn to hold onto the ejaculation, they can experience the peak feeling of orgasm again and again before they finally squirt. I am working on a video about hw specifically to do this, and have found the dominatrixes really adapt at teasing without "coming" and punishing their playmates who come early. This combination of the carrot and stick have worked well with premature ejacualtors and men learning to control thier sexual sensations.

Start with the basic keegal exercise. Pretend you are peeing, and then stop the flow and squeeze down. Follow that up by putting a wet facecloth over your erection and moving it up and down.

We'll get to prostate massage, pressure points and perineum stroking in future posts.

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