Ask any woman about the power of hormones. Every month fertile women are given on on upfront and personal look at how our biochemistry controls behaviour. Men have the same problem, only its constant, and is what gets them out to bars on a Saturday night.
In a new relationship, dopamine is the “feel good” hormone that causes you to get that honeymoon feeling. Chocolate with it’s high dopamine levels can extend or replicate the feeling, but nothing, I mean nothing is as highly intoxicating as the rush of chemicals you feel in on on new relationship. If you are connected, them BAM – you get the jolt of kick-ass hormones that can leave you jittery. You can know that’s whats going on, but it still can cause your circuits to go haywire. That’s why your job in dating (as I preach to my patients) is to screen out the losers before the chemistry takes over. If you pick right, and the phermones- the scent that is picked up and brings you to your knees- is right, then hang on, it’s going to be a Hell of on on ride.

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