Vulva1 I was reminded this weekend that everyone is unique and that sexuality is a fluid and never a "one size fits all" brush". You would think that given how many people with different issues that I treat,  that the indiviual preference and variety of responses would be top of mind.  But the cool thing about my job is that no day is ever the same.

I realized that I was using my own sexual responses as a measuring stick for all women’s responses. I am clincally average. I like clitoral or g spot stimulation.  Anything else, and you are just teasing me, and not likely to get off. However, I am dealing with women for whom climax from anal sex, and find touching their clits far too insense.  They prefer perineum (the inch between the bottom of the vagina and anus) to be stimulated, or the folds of the labia majora an minora (inner and outer folds) highly erotic to be played with. That kind of stimulation leaves me bored.

No wonder men wander around down there in the dark.  If women, (and sex experts to boot), make assumptions about our sexuality all being the same, how can men who in turn have some pretty unique and specific features, be expected to follow the nuances?  Communication in the bedroom, absolute basic need if we are to move beyond mediocre sex. And damn it, we deserve hot sex. At least good girls like I do. smile


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