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Beer I've been told (in absolute jest by a man I know likes and respects women) that the ideal women gives a great blowjob, and has a flat head (or other body part) where you can leave your beer. I guess the fantasy of a woman who gives you sex, while holding a cold one is more popular than I thought, and not just a bit misogynist. There is a fake beer ad makingthe rounds of viral marketing (coming to an inbox near you), that has a naked woman with a Guinness placed in the small of her back. She's moving as if she's getting it doggy style  (and the guy in question reaches out to take a drink), while giving oral sex to another (who's tattooed arm reaches out to share it). The tag line of "share one with a friend, or two" happens as a third hand (this one a woman's hand) pops up to share the same beer. I know it's not politically correct, but I thought it was funny. Apparently Guinness (who didn't authorize it) are not finding it so funny. Have a look at it, before they pull it, but the two enlightened men I showed it to, seemed to thing it would have them buying more Guinness. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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