fast metabolismI’ve just read the new book by Haylie Pomroy called The Fast Metabolism Diet. Haylie, a Celebrity nutritionist who works with all the big name stars claims that you can lose up to 20 pounds in 20 days on a regimented, metabolism boosting diet.
Pomroy claims that Diet stands for Did I Eat Today? And uses three different phases every week to soothe you body and promote optimum fat burning through an increased metabolism. The author, a holistic counselor and nutritionist got her start working in agriculture and farming. She was trying to increase and decrease fat yields in animals, and used her principles on metabolism success in treating people.
Pomroy appears to get big results from her three phases of eating.
Phase 1. Is 2 days of gentle, low GI carbs, low fat and protein
Phase 2. Is very low carb, high protein (think Atkins) for 2 days
Phase 3. Is high quality fats, along with the first 2 days of protein and low GI carbs.
And then the cycle repeats for a total of 28 days. After that you can go on another 28 days if you have more weight to lose.
I’ve been on the diet for a week, and find that eating 5 times a day makes sure I stay satiated (not full) but keeps my blood sugar even. I’ll post again after the 28 days and let you know if I’ve come even close to the 20 pound weight loss.