The Dukan Diet by Dr. Pierre Dukan. I’m going to stat the attack phase this week.
The #1 best selling new diet book is subtitled “The real reason the French stay Thin”, and is a four phase diet book that seems sane and effective.
For anywhere between 2- 5 days you eat NOTHING BUT PROTEIN. As little fat as you can, 2 quarts of water, 2 tablespoons of oat bran. So plain yogurt, cottage cheese, beef, chicken, eggs, pork and fish. When you can’t stand it any longer (or your breath is soooo bad) you add vegetables. Then you alternate pure protein, vegetables for as long as it takes to lose the weight.
Then in phase 3 you add only 1 fruit a day and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast. You get 1.5 oz of cheese weekly as a reward. None of my staples of nuts, cheese, rye crackers etc. As long as you are drinking the huge amount of water you should flush out all of the by products of the protein and don’t end up in ketosis. I certainly sounds effective if you can stick to it.
Phase 4 is being ble to stay at you goal weight for life. It’s things like reward
He lists 20-60 minutes a day and a few abs and butt exercises but encourages you to stay the course. The cravings and hunger goes away when you stay away from carbohydrates. At least that has been my experience. Dukan suports this as well as an “all or nothing” approach to dieting. However you can eat as much as you want to keep the hunger pains away.
Dr. Dukan is convinced that anyone but perimenopausal woman (Hello why us again?) can lose up to 20 pounds in 6 weeks, and 40 pounds in 3 months.
Considering I have at least 40 pounds to lose I am going to give it a shot. It seems like the 90 day plan to kick start things but seems lie a hard road to hoe.
Day 1 is tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.