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We are the Ducklings, a safe community of people who are sexy, sassy, flirty and fun.
Our members are awesome people who enjoy getting together to safely flirt, have fun, and expand our knowledge of all things sexy. We do not allow aggression or drama, and no mean people need apply as being kind is a basic value in our group.
While we’re not a dating group, a surprising number of love matches have met at our events. Nor are we a swinger’s group, though some of us are non-monogamous.
We’re a community of people who are not afraid to dip a toe into something new because we’re not alone. It’s way more fun, and far safer, as a community.
Duckling events are designed to be both sexy and fun. We have toured the private dungeon of the city’s best-known Dominatrix and visited a sex club after hours. We’ve taken salsa and polka lessons, learned how to throw an axe (dressed as Vikings to make it more fun), and held a pool party with volunteers providing pedicures and massages. And we love themed parties with costumes!
Our members are half couples (some married more than 30 years) and singles (gay, straight, or “its’ complicated”). We’re primarily over 25 but under 65, with most between 38 and 45. We are firmly in the middle between quiet and gentle, and crazy and wild.
We have grown to over 3,500 people on our e-mail list and are closing in on 2,000 members on “Meetups” alone. We pre-screen to make sure new members share our values.
Given that our events are safe, the best way to discover if you’ll fit in is to come to a general event. You’ll meet lots of people, and as Ducklings are so friendly, they’re happy to answer questions from newbies.
If you are nervous, arrive 30 minutes early. We’ll be there to welcome you, and will give you a task to help you fit in until you acclimatize. Ducklings love to help so you won’t be the only one.
Please join us for guided, pressure-free, sensuous outings. Referrals and friends are welcome, but they need to agree with our philosophy.
Being a Duckling enhances relationships, increases intimacy and builds community.
Wouldn’t you like to be a Duckling, too?

Look below to see how we evolved.

How we evolved
Over the last few years we have been teaching courses to couples and singles who want to spice up their sex lives we called “Loving Hedonist classes.” Our courses were an introduction to what is out there sexually. The workshops were to offer information on what is possibly out there for you to walk the walk in a way that was comfortable for you. We went on a number of field trips from burlesque shows to a visit to Easter Canada’s most famous dominatrix. Everyone loved them and kept saying “what’s next?” By going places and learning things together, and by sharing the experiences the events became fun instead of scary. We stared to gather (and quack a bit) and we were described a “ducklings”. The name stuck. We are a new cool and sexy social club in town. Somewhere between a service group like Rotary and indiscriminate swingers. Safe, integrity, fun, happy, smart, sexy and community are words that describe being a Duckling. Kindness matters and inclusion is important. That being said, we like to offer sane flirty and sexy outings. Given that going to established events are scary for the first time, we wanted to offer sangria and munchies hour to meet us, talk about our philosophy of sensual adventures and make sure everyone is on the same page. Please reach out to us and we can include you in the next gathering. We especially like to talk to or meet with single men to make sure everyone is on the same page. This is not an indiscriminate hook up group or a place to randomly explore your sexuality. It’s a community of friends. We want everyone to feel welcome, but safety in a fun and sexy environment rates our top mission statement. The Ducklings continue to find our way and having fun doing it.
Ducklings(1)Ducklings are cool! We think a community of like-minded friends for whom kindness matters is important. We think mean people suck. The hope is to have sassy, flirty dinner parties, fun outings with ribald and intelligent conversation. Imagine a group of safe, grown up fun with new friends having great food with lots of laughs. Ducklings are sexy, gracious, and are always up for adventures. Looks, race, size or status is immaterial. We only avoid mean or sexually aggressive people. Our first year of adventures included very funny comedy, sensual massage courses, 50 Shades of Grey the movie, burlesque, adult laser (with stick figure drawings of hilarious sexual positions), wine tours, Oral sex techniques and cheesecake, a brothel tour (what!) and a clothing optional picnic among so much more. There may be other things on your bucket list that we do in a safe, respectful, and high-road-kind-of-way.
People in Ottawa are busy. So when it’s organized for you (think idiot-proof) that’s a no-brainer. The other thing that we hear as therapists is the difficulty in making friends. We go from work to home. Work to the grocery store to home. Where do you make new friends? How do you find people that get it? Everyone really needs community. So if you are slightly sassy and more irreverent than the usual service club member than we want to meet you.
We want to build community. We are a happy group of funny and sexy friends. Community is one of the measurables of great health. So having new friends makes you healthy! Think of us as loving hedonists, but in the nicest possible way. The mission is to have fun, eat yummy food, laugh so much we worry about peeing our pants, and go meet like-minded people. We want you to go home with a smile on your face. Our activities range from PG to slightly out of your comfort zone. And you get to pick the activities (and the rating -see below) that works for you. Although we do have some workshops (and we know the best sexuality speakers in the Country) we aim to have more fun making friends and talking about it than promote sex as a series of lectures. We are NOT a sex club. Guys just looking to score need not apply here. And I can’t believe we have to write this but dick pics or creepy pictures will get you removed and blocked. And we are not swingers! We don’t judge but we are a community of sexy people and although we have occasionally toured some of the locations (safely and as a group) we are not promoting lifestyle hookups in the Ducklings.
Check out the website for details and to become a member!