I just finished the new CINCH diet book by Cynthia Sass. Loads of the same whole foods, no diet pop (or soda of anykind), green leafy veggies that most books talk about.
However, I think she has some suggestions that I talk about in my book The Libido Diet, that help kick start your sex drive. What’s interesting is that she recommends a 5 day fast track that has you eating only almonds (and almond butter), plain yogurt, spinach, raspberries, and eggs. She is saying you can lose 8 pounds in 5 days and cleans out you insides. The other things I learned from this book:
How to choose, clean and cook artichokes (I didn’t know)
That balsamic vinegar are made from distilled grapes
A couple of great smoothie and tea recipes
that coconut oil (something I endorsed in the Libido diet) is the only fat that shrinks your waist
That liposuction kills more people every year than car crashes (who knew?)
She has some good recipes, well explained science and she gets the importance of dark chocolate. I’ll let you know how the 5 day thing works out. If you want to save the $30, I have a few copies to give away if you email me a question for my radio show at sue@loveandlipstick.com.