I know it’s important to be authentic when marketing yourself on an online dating site. However I think it’s equally (if not more) important to make sure your co-workers don’t find you online nd make a comment. Confidentiality is a big reason why more people don’t use them. Give your uncertainty when meeting someone for the first time, I think it’s okay to use a slightly fake or doctored photo. And the reality that most people don’t look like their pictures ayway. I had told people to use google images to find a photo that was “sort of like them”. Hey, if you’re in a ball cap and sun glasses, it could be anyone resembling you. It kept you safe from crazies. That, along with an anonymous gmail account (ie. girlabouttown@gmail.com) or something that nobody can connect to you will keep your identity protected. The trouble is that the dating sites have caught on to fake pictures.
Either the images are too small, or shortly after they put them up they remove them. There is a program that can look at the URL of a photo and tell you where it came from. So if your picture says “Joe’s bait shot in Kansas” and you are Canadian, you get my drift. They can immediately tell if the photo is from somewhere else. I`ll get the name of the software and post it.
So if you are going to post a photo – your real photo keep a few things in mind. All the picture has to do is get the frst meeting, and show a general likeness. A 15 year old plus photo, or one 100 pounds ago isn`t fair. But glasses, hats, something that distracts the eye are fine. Most men look better in person than their picture. They simple point, shoot and post. They end up looking like mug shots. Women take the time to do thier hair, make up etc. and often (but not always) look worse than their picture. Discretion is important. But so is getting out there. Stay with it…
This was one in a dating site I saw recently…it wasn’t him but it got him loads of response.