The appeal of a hairy guy.,

Hairy4 I like hairy guys. Not like the gay men who worship "bears" the more gorilla-like the better, but there is nothing sexier than a man with a hairy chest. I was watching a volleyball game yesterday where all of the participants were topless. Some had hairy backs, some were hairless, but most sported a tuft or two on the playing field. I liken it to the same way guys feel about looking at women in tight t shirts.

Hairy chests in my opinion are sexy, cuddly and very masculine. One of my dinner partners at a pot luck on Sunday night said her husband's hair (of which was substantial) is "like the teddy bear that keeps me warm. I snuggle into it every night." I whole heartedly agree, and thing men without body hair as boyish and unappealing.

Not everyone agrees with me. In a conversation with a 23 year old friend, she said hairy guys are "gross", and "should use the #3 trimmer on their arms, legs and backs to keep the fur under control".  Justine Fields says she used to feel that way, but has mellowed a bit in her blog.

“Yesterday, we assaulted your eyes showed you a vomtastic advertisement waxed into a guy’s back hair. For some reason, this ad kind of reminded me of my parents. My dad is super hairy and I have no clue how my mom handles it. Whenever he takes off his shirt, I make fun of him and my mom always defends herself saying that when they got married, my dad wasn’t nearly as hairy. Because my dad’s natural sweater is so icky to me, I remember vowing as a child that I would never date anyone hairy. But since those days, I can’t say that I’ve been faithful to my younger self. I’ve dabbled with the hairless and the cavemen and I can genuinely say that I don’t prefer one to the other. As long as all the hair is tamed, I can deal.”

Hairy5 This comment came up the last time I the virtues of a hairy chest. "Sue your blog brought back the horrible memory of the time I was running in the park and saw another runner come toward me, I thought to myself, "why is this guy wearing a sweater in the middle of summer?"…it wasn't a sweater. I thought I had blocked out that memory. Thanks for bringing it back. I may never sleep again."

This is a topic that seems to polarize women. Far more so than shape, size, age or race, women who like or don't like hair tend to be quite adamant in their preferences.


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