We are currently staying at Desire in Los Cabos before it changes into a new Temptations resort (the new review will be posted in a few days). Getting away from the mountain of snow expected this week in Eastern Ontario. In a great jaccuzi room overlooing the volleyball court, with a spectacular view of the sand dunes leading into the picture perfect Pacific Ocean. We were able to get a great view of the wedding taking place at sunset yesterday (congrats to C and J) who along with their parents, said their vows at "the most romantic beach location they could think of".

We asked them what thier parents thought of them geting married at nude, sex resort?  C told me that as a couple they wanted their wedding in a "clothing optional spot", and that her family would accept it with love and support. It's long been our motto to "stop apologizing for who we are", but it was heart warming to see unconditional love and a refreshing openness.  They are in love, largely monogamous and happy to just to let it all hang out in the most authentic way possible. Love finds a way. So as we write sitting here watching the palm trees blow, we find more and more people who just want to be themselves in a world that dictates what romace should be. Teach the world how to love- that's what Ethical Hedonists seem to be doing.

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One thought on “Temptations Los Cabos… It's all new again

  1. C and J

    Thanks Sue. It was lovely to meet you at the resort. We are all settled into our cozy married life back in Canada now. I have to say the resort treated us wonderfully and Sylvia was a pleasure every time we spoke with her. We’re crossing our fingers that they will retain the sensual atmosphere so we can visit again soon or maybe a nice anniversary trip.
    Hugs C(actually K) and J

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