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My Mother, my partner's Mother and I went to hear Suzanne Somers lecture recently in Ottawa. She looks absolutely fabulous. I mean despite having millions to keep glowing- she is still drop dead gorgeous at 62, and a grandmother of 4. She claims her youth, the success of her marriage of 42 years, and her health is a result of organic food and taking bio-identical hormones.

She was in town promoting her 18th book about health, sex and hormones and she was given a rock star reception from the crowd. This was a group of women primarily between 40 and 65 for whom her message of looking good and feeling great – without pharmaceutical hormones. She said synthetic hormones (like Premerin made of "pregnant mare urine") offers up serious problems to women's bodies – including the big scare about breast cancer. Bioidentical hormones (made to match women's estrogen and progesterone exactly) are made from soybeans and yams and react naturally in the body. There is nothing in horse's estrogen that reacts normally in humans. Bioidentical hormones are approved, extensively tested and safe- but hard to find. The issue is that they are natural, can't be patented and sold by drug companies, thus are badly marketed and then only by small pharmacists and chemists.

I later interviewed Kent MacLeod the pharmacist who sponsored Suzanne's lecture and he said that although he can explain the science (and he has many years more training in hormone pathways that the few weeks doctors get- a big disservice of med schools for women) and although he does a 24/7 business supplying hormones to women around North America, he gets few referrals from doctors. People like Suzanne Somers and Kent are trying to educate people on why we need hormones.  And everyone needs to keep their baseline of hormones intact. I am seeing men with ED in their 20's and young women with no sex drive due to years on the birth control pill (which makes your body think it is in menopause). In a nutshell, nature intended us to die after we stop reproducing. If we plan to live into old age with quality of life, we need healthy hormones. Your doctor simply may not have all the information, and you absolutely, positively need hormones as you age to maintain health, youth, and SEX Drive. I spend my days talking to men and women about sexual dysfunction, that I'm finding these problems can be treated effectively with supplements and bioidentical hormones.

So if you are tired of feeling listless, itchy, with hot flashes, or are a young woman with no sex drive maybe you should look into bio identical hormones as a solution. If you had seen what 62 looked like for Suzanne, and their safe- you would have been sold too.


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  1. Now we know who the seilnbse one is here. Great post!

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