I always have mixed feelings about Suzanne Sommers. I admire her marketing prowess, her ability to stand up for what she beleives in, and her insight into bio-identical hormones. I find her incredibly commercial. You can buy everything from her lipstick to her necklace, clothes, thigh-master, to de-toxing patches. Hre credibility becomes suspect when she endorses everything. Even my kids get that. My 9 year old daughter now thinks Avril Levigne (her former favourite singer) as sold out as she’s promoting acne medication.
So I always have have mixed emotions getting one of Suzanne’s new books. This one, calld Sexy Fovever, is hw to fight the fat after 40. She has some good insights into supplements as she always does.
She mentions taking sesame lignans with your Omega 3’s to increase their effectiveness. he also effectivey sells the importance of Carnitine as an essential suplement. She suggests to me to add aromatase enzyme to help them better balance thier testosterone. And finally she emphasises Maqui juice and digestive enzymes to aid in the leaky gut phenomenon.
Valuable advice among 100 pages of recipes and the mantra of eating organic, hydrating, and of eating real food. She talks about her hormones (as she does in every book) and in this area, we are in complete agreement.
If you are struggling with unhealthy eaing, and weight gain over 40 this is a good book to pick up. Suzanne is clear, concise and easy to understand. But she gives you the science. I’ll try and distill more in upcoming blogs.

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