So, I took my first stripping class today. And I now have a new appreciation for the hard work that peeling truly is. My bum is sore. My hands are sore from gripping the pole, and trying to get up off the ground gracefully was an oxymoron. However, I learned to flip my hair around, pick up an imaginary dollar bill, and walk rolling my hips in a sultry Mae West kind of way.

Much of what I speak on (certainly to women’s groups) are "how to keep it hot", and I’m sure the traffic-stopping flexibility of my 21 year old instructor (sigh) qualifies. It made my eyes pop, and I’m heterosexual. Important safety tip, check for heart conditions before trying these moves on an unsuspecting partner…. Increased, fitness, sexy new dance routine that should blow a gasket, and new ability to walk on four inch heels, stripping classes seem all round very beneficial.

I have a bunch more classes, and a book to read, so I’ll keep you posted. But I now know, stripping isn’t for pussies.

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