Steve Harvey, he black American talk show host and comedian wrote the book on what men are looking for in relationships.

  • I’m not sure he has women entirely nailed, but his understanding of his fellow man is bang on. I just picked up his new book “Straight Talk, no Chaser”, and his mantra of “here’s who men are” continues.
    So here is my edited view on Steve’s insights into guys and how you can keep one.
    1. Dating is like negotiation, be prepared to walk away in fairly short order if you don’t get your needs met.
    2. Guys aren’t interested in marrige so you have to state it’s importance to you and your timeline.
    3. Men can’t be a strong partner until they are making money and have their own career identity straightened out.
    4. Men need and carve sex (no surprise here). If you are serious abouta relationship wait 3 months before having sex to make sure he isn’t “just kicking it”.
    5. Look good and carry yourself well if you want a real relationship. Girls in short skirts get the wrong kind of guy.
    6. Men do three things when they are into a woman. They profess (tell the world they love her, meet the family etc.). They provide, take care of you and see that you have your needs met. They protect- have your back.
    7. Women have a responsibility to ask the questions and peel off the layers quickly. Men are going to answer in a way that makes them look good, tell you what you want to hear, and will only be honest if you dig.
    8. Women set the agenda and hold the power in the relationship. There are lots of guys out there and unless “he’s into you” and prepared to give you what you need keep looking.