Sexyman2 So Men’s Health Magazine commissioned this survey of how men like to have sex.  Filipino guys apparently like to masturbaste most (5 times a week, instead of the usual 4).  No wonder your hot water bill is so high.  Canadian men are unremarkable (they used to be considered the most sensitive lovers, maybe there is an award for the most polite?).  Korean guys do it the most 4.5 times a week, instead of the usual 2.8 times.

Think about that. 4 and 1/2 boff (the occasional quickie).  Maybe they have a less hectic lifestyle.  Those British guys (who in practise are always the kinky ones), devote the most time to foreplay. Lie back and think of England or at least David Beckham…

Finally, it’s the Hugarian guys that are the acrobats.  Jumping around to as many as 8 positions a session (sounds exhausting), but if you were really looking for some attention, it would be the Hungarian and the Korean guys together that may be the most interesting.  Poder that twosome on your lunch break.

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